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Liv at AJD Media


Media Co-ordinator

Liv is a Sydney-based writer who loves travelling, coffee, yoga and alpacas. Since graduating from the University of Wollongong in 2015 with a Bachelor of Journalism, she has wandered around the world and written about her personal experiences along the way. As a published writer, she has written for publications such as The Guardian and Mamamia and chooses to adopt a constructive journalism philosophy to her work.

As somewhat of a “jack of all trades”, Liv has also worked within the film and television production industry but is true to her first love, the written word. Her key skills include in-depth research, written communication and coordinating teams of people.

Nisha at AJD Media


Digital Content Manager

Nisha is a multi-platform journalist and digital advertising copywriter and creative planner who has worked in both Australia and Singapore. With a keen eye for video production, photography and different forms of writing, she’s worked with companies like Channel NewsAsia, GERMS Digital, Husskie, Central News and Initiatives of Change. She’s a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, and holds a Diploma in Communications and Media Management from Singapore’s Temasek Polytechnic.

She loves telling people’s stories and investigating the latest in innovation. She has done stories on crime, new technology, refugee politics, political features, disasters, war, protests and red carpet events. She’s packaged stories on 3D printed prosthetics, uncovered the dark sides of voice activation and told a crying mother’s story. From all her experiences, she’s learnt much about the impacts of a media job, the importance of ethical content production and keeping to work that’s true to oneself.

Content Creation


Content Creation

Jessica has been working in the medical cannabis industry for the past 4 years. With experience in the Australian and Israeli markets, she has contributed to event coordination in both countries and content creation around the globe.

Jessica has spent the last 10 years dedicated to botanical and nutritional medicine studies. She has a passion for bringing information usually limited to scientific jargon in the academic sphere, to the public domain in a colloquial yet evidenced-based manner.



Media Assistant

Kayley is currently studying in her final year as a Communications student with majors in Public Communication (Public Relations) and Digital & Social Media at the University of Technology Sydney. She has tackled multi-disciplined projects including a PR communication campaign strategy for the UTS Australian Red Cross Society along with a multi-platform social and user experience strategy in her Digital & Social Media major.

Kayley enjoys making a difference through positive community impacts. She was a Research Officer for B.Inspiring, volunteered with the Australian Red Cross and fundraised for the Salvation Army Australia. She has been involved in the healthcare industry for over three years and her interests lay within the fields of digital media marketing, public relations and strategic communications.


Videographer and Editor
Chreshall is an expert in photography and videography for social media and virtual reality (VR) formats along with a deep knowledge of interaction design. Before working in public relations, he did a project with the CSIRO in “Olfactory Enhanced Visual Reality Experience” (OEVRE), inducing smells into existing VR applications. His passion lies in telling stories that need a voice of their own and shedding light on unique perspectives

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Lisa McLean

Account Manager

Lisa Mclean is a Sydney-based digital marketing and media communications specialist with over 20 years experience working for clients in lifestyle, corporate and government clients.

Her passion for health and wellness led her to working with well-known international brands Vitamix and KitchenAid, as well as Australian brands Rose-Hip Vital and RosehipPLUS. She loves teaching health professionals  how to embrace the digital world to build their branding through SEO copywriting, content creation, branding, social media and email marketing.

Lisa completed her Arts Degree at the University of NSW, majoring in Economics and Politics. She believes in life-long learning and continually takes short courses to improve her skills and knowledge across a broad range of topics.

She is excited to be working in the medicinal cannabis space as she has been a life-long believer in holistic healthcare, the power of whole foods and nature for health and healing.