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With contacts within relevant industries, particularly in the financial and medical cannabis sectors, we take care of your media image and reach out to the best audiences customised to your business. 

Our Client grabs the spotlight in this feature as they jump on the TGA’s opportunity to down-schedule CBD products. Entoura had three products eligible for this move but led the conversation with power quote.(Client: Entoura)

“While the laws have been changed so you can buy CBD oil over-the-counter, there are currently no products approved for sale.” Our client leads the line of professional voices on the ABC’s Triple J. (Client: FreshLeaf Analytics)

Our client dominated the announcements on Stockhead featuring the industry’s big move to down schedule medicinal cannabis. (Client: FreshLeaf Analytics)

Our client provided an authoritative quote to spearhead Cannabiz’ announcement for the  final decision of over-the-counter CBD. (Client: FreshLeaf Analytics and CA Clinics)

With patient numbers expected to grow to 300,000 by year end, our client’s Q3 report was quoted as the “most comprehensive” investigation of the Australian cannabis market due to its highly granular breakdown of consumer, healthcare and industry data. (Client: FreshLeaf Analytics)

Our client’s patient went on the daily advertiser to give a personal view of his journey on medicinal cannabis saying, “Hand on heart, I can recommend it”. (Client: CA Clinics)

With the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) making the interim decision to bring CBD products over-the-counter, the mother of a young autism patient declares how medicinal cannabis had been a “saving grace” to the family. (Client: CA Clinics)

9 September saw the TGA make an interim decision to paste a Schedule 3 label onto low-dose medicinal cannabis products. This swiftly organised coverage by Prime7 saw FreshLeaf commenting on the fresh news. (Client: FreshLeaf Analytics and CA Clinics)

Stockhead talks medicinal cannabis stocks and its healthy progress in the Australian market, with FreshLeaf as an authoritative commenter on the topic. (Client: FreshLeaf Analytics)

Doctors have labelled medicinal cannabis prescriptions a “bureaucratic nightmare” requiring “a massive learning curve”, as patients say people in pain cannot wait months for relief. (Client: CA Clinics)

COVID-19 is causing stress levels to rise. Luckily, Applied Cannabis Research has launched a new study investigating the use of medicinal cannabis as a treatment for anxiety. (Client: Applied Cannabis Research)

The WA government has announced they are making changes to allow general practitioners to be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to the vast majority of patients. (Client: Little Green Pharma)

Patients have begun receiving medical cannabis through the post, as the coronavirus pandemic has left them unable to access the drug any other way. (Client: Cannabis Access Clinics)

Demand is booming for medicinal cannabis to treat a variety of conditions, but researchers and doctors remain cautious. (Client: CA Clinics)

CA Clinics patient Natasha Kalenjuk describes the struggles of her neurological disorder. Dr Brad Mckay joins the debate into the stigma of medicinal cannabis treatments in Australia. (Client: CA Clinics)

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