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AJD Media is a Sydney based media agency with a specialisation in the Australian medicinal cannabis market. You can trust that we know how to work creatively and intelligently within Australia’s complex legal and advertising compliance framework, as set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). However, we also attend nationally to clients from a vast list of other industries.

Building connections the smart way

AJD Media believes in the influence of powerful media exposure and brand connection within any industry to share growth and success. Within Australia’s medical cannabis industry, we have entrenched relationships with regulators, industry leaders, clinical groups and subject matter experts that have been active in the legal sector since its inception. We are now actively involved in forging the industry’s future through the force of media.


The strong media package

This is a small but mighty Australian media boutique. We’ve had countless wins with impactful media coverage for our clients. No matter the sector, be it healthcare, finance, news and more, our experienced media team dives deep to ensure we are equipped with the right knowledge to pull your brand identity up. These media packages may involve news coverage, social media management, public relations, events management and more

By the 2020 Commercial Cannabis Awards

Most Innovative Medicinal Cannabis Boutique Media Agency - Australia

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Media Training

Dread the thought of doing a live TV or radio interview? Or even just addressing a room of potential investors? Through AJD's Media Training program, we promise to make you a star when it comes to brand representation and media exposure. It would be our pleasure to create a customised Media Training course best fitted to your organisation's identity. AJD Media has trained and directed clients for conference speeches, news coverage, webinars and much more. Don't worry, we've got your back.

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